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    What to do in a disaster/emergency:

    Key points in brief:

    • if you or another resident is in physical danger call 999
    • inform Housing for Women of any incident as soon as you can but not before you are safe
    • if there is a disaster keep checking for information on this site (h4w.co.uk), on your local notice board or by calling a relevant contact number.  020 7501 6120 is the Association's main number but in a disaster this might change.  HfW staff will try and keep residents informed of phone numbers and contact information.
    • if you are not directly affected by the disaster then please try to keep your contact with the Association to a minimum so that staff can focus on helping those affected.  Use this web-site to check up on progress.
    • If the disaster has affected Head Office please keep paying your rent as normal.
    • It may be necessary for the Association to use an emergency repairs service.  If this is the case please try and restrict repair reporting to emergency or urgent repairs while the disaster is resolved.

    Each disaster will be different and not all of this plan will apply to all incidents but the principles of concern for resident welfare, staff welfare and business continuity will run throughout the documents.

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